Anti-Hate Campaign.

It is common knowledge that members of the LGBTQ+ communities suffer ongoing prejudices. In a response to a brief from the anti-violence charity GALOP, we developed two creative films to spread awareness both in and outside the community. Working closely with If Not Now Digital; an ethical marketing agency, these films were targeted to relevant audiences to affect the most positive change.

“No sexual identity, no gender identity is wrong.”

In the first of the films we invited members of the LGBTQ+ community to join us in the studio. Having researched prejudice headlines from tabloids and newspapers over the last 100 years we discussed notable changes over the time period. The results show that the prejudices still exist across the whole community. As troublesome as it was for all of us to acknowledge we are still a long way off dispersing the prejudices completely, there was fun and positivity to be found in rewording these headlines into messages of positivity.

The second of the films in the campaign saw participants of all sexualities sitting blindfolded, back-to-back, having never met each other before. Guiding this initial meeting by posing questions to each pair, we were able to display to our audience that omitting face value, we all have a lot more to offer if we take the time to get to know each other properly. A huge amount of respect goes to all that took part in the project as their openness, and willing is indeed a testament to positivity in and around the LGBTQ+ communities.