Harvey Nichols

A mixed-reality project aimed to bring engagement to the brand’s digital shopfront. 

Harvey Nichols and Indigo24 partnered with Trago Studio to launch a groundbreaking Mixed Reality project aimed at enhancing engagement with the brand’s digital shopfront. As user-generated content (UGC) continues to dominate online marketing, the challenge for creatives arises: how can we still create captivating content for brands in this evolving landscape? The answer lies in embracing the perspective of the ‘user’ while leveraging our creative skills, particularly in animation.

By integrating visual effects into footage shot in the style of UGC videos, we elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary, driving narratives and bringing branded content to life in a captivating way. Our approach allows for immersive experiences that suspend belief, sparking discussion, engagement, and shareability.

To bring this vision to life, we began by crafting detailed pre-visualizations for each concept. Shooting on-site with an iPhone presented challenges, but leveraging tools like Boris FX’s Syntheyes enabled us to overcome obstacles and achieve precise camera tracking. Mocha Pro facilitated seamless integration of CGI elements, enabling us to manipulate reflections and enhance scenes with dynamic animation using Houdini’s RBD and Vellum solvers.

Ultimately, through meticulous planning, innovative techniques, and collaborative effort, we successfully merged real-world footage with CGI elements to deliver a captivating Mixed Reality experience for Harvey Nichols’ digital storefront.