We were asked by the Press Team at Glastonbury Festival to document the build process of the new Car Henge installation at this year’s festival.

36 years since its original conception, the Car Henge structure was to take over the area formerly known as Williams Green. Joe Rush and his gang of Mutoids had assembled and decorated a huge collection of vintage vehicles, which would be assembled into a replica of Stonehenge with each Pillar acknowledging influential figures from Joe’s past.

We visited Worthy Farm each week in the month leading up to the festival; from witnessing the first cars being mounted vertically, to the final slabs being hoisted into position.

Alongside the Congolese band Fulu Muziki, who created all of their instruments on-site from scrap & recycled materials, the Mutoids also decorated the rest of the field with giant dogs made from dodgems & cars, a helicopter chicken, a VW frog and the odd Flintstones car.